Casa Coron Hotel

casa bldg frontal
Casa Coron Hotel is a boutique three story, 8-room hotel, in the middle of Coron Town in Palawan. Given its size, at first glance, it can be mistaken for a modern house. The look maybe modern, but it is designed and built to reflect how tourism started in Coron-small houses that were converted to hotel-like rooms to accommodate tourists.

While the trend in Coron now is towards bigger and modern buildings, Casa Coron Hotel keeps it simple, but clean, comfortable and secure. After all, the trip in Coron is not about the hotel but the experience of swimming near shipwrecks, appreciating corals, feeding the fish, frolicking by the beach, and the like. One can say that Casa Coron Hotel is a place where one can rest and replenish for several days of Coron island adventure.

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